Dear Candidates,

Please be informed that you may check your results on the link below:


Please be sure to read the very important information below:

1.      Sitting for these exams is not enough for you to be accepted as a student at Trakia University. You must apply by submitting all the required documents in due terms (for the EU applicants the deadline is the 28 of August 2023 and for the non-EU applicants the deadline for submitting the required papers is the 1 of July 2023). You may find more information regarding the required papers and the deadlines on the website of the university: 


  1. IMPORTANT: In Bulgaria the highest mark is 6.00. The lowest sufficient mark is 3.00. Marks below 3.00 are considered “Fail”. Those of the applicants who failed any or all of the exams may re-sit the failed exams in the July or August session and must call or send an email to the Admission department to register for the failed exams. If anyone of the candidates is not content with his/her results he/she may re-sit for the exams in the July orAugust session. For the final ranking we shall consider the best results of the applicants. An applicant who has already passed successfully the entrance exam in English, must not re-sit for the exam in English.

  2. The final ranking will be announced on the website of Trakia university on the 30th of August 2023. The enrollment procedure will start immediately after the announcement of the ranking. Be prepared to pay the tuition fee for the first semester. In case we still have any vacant places we shall organize one more examining session.

  3. Please keep in mind that the final ranking depends on the results of the entrance exams and on the marks in Biology and Chemistry from the diplomas of the applicants. The final ranking is calculated as follows:

For the specialty „Medicine“: The marks from the entry tests are doubled and summed and added to the marks in Chemistry and Biology from the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (these marks are equaled to the Bulgarian grading system through a special formula).

For the specialty „Veterinary medicine“: The mark from the entry test in Biology is doubled and added to the marks in Chemistry and Biology from the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (these marks are equalled to the Bulgarian grading system through a specialformula).

In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact.