GreenSkills4H2 – The European Hydrogen Skills Alliance

Project name: GreenSkills4H2 – The European Hydrogen Skills Alliance

Project Acronym: GreenSkills4H2

Funded by program ERASMUS+

Duration of the project: 4 years


The project is implemented in partnership between:  ⦁    Advent Technologies, Greece ⦁    AIT, Austria ⦁    Howden, Netherlands ⦁    HER, Belgium ⦁    Enerdata, France ⦁    IEES-BAS, Bulgaria ⦁    KIT, Germany ⦁    Baker Hughes, Italy ⦁    Pomeranian, Poland ⦁    SNAM, Italy ⦁    TalTech, Estonia ⦁    AIT, Austria ⦁    NEL, Norway ⦁    Solar Power Europe, Belgium ⦁    Wind Europe, Belgium ⦁    France Hydrogène, France ⦁    Industri-all, Belgium ⦁    ISTD – Trakia university, Bulgaria ⦁    Tartu Energy Agency, Estonia

Short description: Hydrogen is a key pillar of the EU’s strategy to achieve its 2050 decarbonisation goals, with an estimated 24% of hydrogen contributing to the total energy demand by 2050, 560Mt CO2 abatement per year, 820 bn euro annual revenue generation, and a 15% reduction in local emissions. The rapid development of the European Hydrogen Value Chain over the coming years is expected to generate approximately 1 million highly skilled jobs by 2030, and up to 5.4 million by 2050. This growth presents a significant economic and environmental opportunity for Europe, but it also creates considerable labour market challenges. 

The primary objective of this project is to design and implement a highly innovative, effective, and sustainable Hydrogen Skills Strategy for Europe that will ensure the skills needs of the rapidly expanding and evolving Hydrogen Value Chain can be met in the short, medium, and long term. This blueprint will address the skills need of workers in Declining Sectors and Transition Regions to provide them with upskilling and reskilling opportunities that will enable them to access new employment opportunities within the Hydrogen sector.  GreenSkills4H2 is an Alliance of Hydrogen sector partners led by Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research, bringing together key Industry and Education stakeholders from across the sector. 

The project includes the establishment of a long-term partnership between Industry and Education; the design of an innovative and sustainable Hydrogen Skills Strategy; the development, testing and roll-out of VET curricula and training programmes in line with latest market needs and consistently linked with EU instruments and tools; continuous skills and career development that empowers technical professionalism in both green and digital competences; and the widespread dissemination and rollout of the VET training to maximise European impact.