Demonstration activities for farmers and persons employed on their farms'

RD 50-151 / 23.05.2023 Project: H003-2023/30.05.2023 "Demonstration activities for farmers and persons employed on their farms" Funding programme: Rural Development Program 2014-2020 Funding contract number: RD 50-151 / 23.05.2023 Financing: BGN 454,500.00. Beneficiary: Thrace University Duration of the project: 30 months Project value: BGN 454,500.00. Project leader: Prof. Dobri Yarkov The main objective is to increase the knowledge and improve the skills of farmers and those employed on their farms by involving them in seminars to achieve an appropriate level of technical and economic training and increase the capacity to access knowledge and information in the field of agriculture. The project aims to improve human potential, to ensure an adequate level of technical and economic knowledge and skills in the field of management and business, new technologies and techniques, innovation, product quality and safety, biological production and sustainable management of natural resources, through dissemination in real practical conditions of knowledge, information on good practices and improving the skills of farmers. Main activities are organizing and conducting within 30 months of 50 pcs. one-day hands-on demonstrations, in 5 main subject areas, including knowledge of climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental protection and innovation. The activities are aimed at 1250 owners of agricultural holdings and the persons employed in them, of which 250 (20%) young farmers approved for support under measures of the Thematic sub-programme for small farms and sub-measure 6.1 and 125 (10%) persons approved under measure 10 or 11 of the RDP 2014-2020. It is expected that as a result of the implemented activities, 1250 farmers will be trained, who, through the acquired knowledge and skills, will increase their competitiveness and resource efficiency, improve the environmental indicators of their farms, thereby contributing to the development of a sustainable economy in rural areas.